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What is DogeSoundClub?DogeSoundClub (DSC) is the first online PFP NFT project based in South Korea, based on the Klaytn blockchain.
Why is this project called DogeSoundClub (DSC)? DogeSoundClub, as its name presents, means ‘a club for nonsense bullshiters’. Anyone with an entrance ticket can come in and freely express various thoughts, even if they are full of nonsense. Mate is a 10,000 pieces of Generative Art NFT which works as a ticket to enter the DogeSoundClub.
How can I get Mates? You can buy our NFTs through the secondary market of OpenSea and also at KLUBS, a marketplace that uses MIX as its currency.
What is MIX token? MIX Token is an cryptocurrency connected to DodgeSoundClub, officially launched by DSC. The MIX token acts as a key currency within the DodgeSoundClub ecosystem. If you have a Mate, you can mine a certain amount of MIX tokens.
Where can I buy MIX token?You can buy MIX token via KLAYswap and KlayFi.
What is AYIAS?AYIAS is our own metaverse platform. And it’s the final destination of the DogeSoundClub’s ecosystem.